Nicole Caldwell

Intimate Wedding at the Surf And Sand Resort, Laguna Beach

img_0540.jpgimg_0409.jpgimg_0529.jpgimg_0243.jpgimg_0171.jpgimg_9723.jpgimg_9774.jpgimg_9856.jpgimg_9908.jpgJanet and Kevin had a very intimate wedding ceremony overlooking the Pacific ocean at the Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach, CA.  Joined by their close Friends Chris & Jean, the ceremony was performed by the Laguna Beach Shaman.  During the ceremony, the couple read their own vows, the Shaman performed an original song, followed by an impromptu first dance.  What started out as a windy rainy day, turned into a gorgeous sun filled sky.  Thank you, Kevin and Janet, your love for each-other is truly inspirational.


  1. Linda Furrier

    Love to see the energy between these two … just beautiful. Congratulations Janet and Kevin….all my love goes out to your union. Much Warmth, Linda

  2. Congratulations Kevin and Janet!

    You two look divinely HAPPY! I love the photos from the Surf and Sand Hotel.
    I am happy that it turned out to be a beautiful day with the weather! I hope
    that you are blessed with many wonderful years together!

    Janet…hopefully, we’ll meet one day soon!

    Kathleen Wenger

  3. James & Mackey Gaines

    Dad and is so exciting to see someone else as in love as us. We love you both so much and wish the greatest blessings for you in your new life. We send our love now all the way from halfway around the world. Congratulations!!!!!

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