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7.7.07. Wedding at Seven Degrees Laguna Beach

seven_degrees_laguna_beach_nicole_caldwell_01.jpgseven_degrees_laguna_beach_nicole_caldwell_021.jpgseven_degrees_laguna_beach_nicole_caldwell_03.jpgseven_degrees_laguna_beach_nicole_caldwell_04.jpgseven_degrees_laguna_beach_nicole_caldwell_05.jpgseven_degrees_laguna_beach_nicole_caldwell_06.jpgseven_degrees_laguna_beach_nicole_caldwell_07.jpgseven_degrees_laguna_beach_nicole_caldwell_08.jpgseven_degrees_laguna_beach_nicole_caldwell_09.jpgseven_degrees_laguna_beach_nicole_caldwell_10.jpgseven_degrees_laguna_beach_nicole_caldwell_11.jpgseven_degrees_laguna_beach_nicole_caldwell_12.jpgseven_degrees_laguna_beach_nicole_caldwell_131.jpgseven_degrees_laguna_beach_nicole_caldwell_14.jpgseven_degrees_laguna_beach_nicole_caldwell_15.jpgseven_degrees_laguna_beach_nicole_caldwell_16.jpg7.7.7  at Seven Degrees!  What a date to have at the fabulous seven degrees art gallery in Laguna Beach. 

 It was a beautiful summer day for Charmae and Abram.  Charmae did an AMAZING work of art with the guest book, the tables, the flower design, the girl is talented!  Please contact me for her info if you are in need of invites or cor-ordination for your upcoming wedding, as she has experienced it all!

Abram parked his other “lady”  in the driveway.  We used the car as the focal point for the engagement shoot.  During the reception, a movie of their engagement shots was projected on the wall behind the band, you can see a sneak peek of the images in some of the shots I posted here.  To see the full movie : 

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