Nicole Caldwell

Engagement Shoot San Clemente

engagement_photos_nicole_caldwell_san_clemente_1.jpgengagement_photos_nicole_caldwell_san_clemente_2.jpgengagement_photos_nicole_caldwell_san_clemente_3.jpgengagement_photos_nicole_caldwell_san_clemente_4.jpgengagement_photos_nicole_caldwell_san_clemente_5.jpgengagement_photos_nicole_caldwell_san_clemente_6.jpgengagement_photos_nicole_caldwell_san_clemente_7.jpgengagement_photos_nicole_caldwell_san_clemente_8.jpgengagement_photos_nicole_caldwell_san_clemente_9.jpgengagement_photos_nicole_caldwell_san_clemente_10.jpgIt was such fun shooting in San Clemente at the pier- it was packed ( as you will see from the cameo appearances in the photos)!  Christine and Michael will get hitched in San Clemente as well at the historical Casa Romantica.

 After the beach we headed to their residence in Talega- they requested some shots around their fire-pit in the back.  The backyard was beautifully landscaped ( Green thumb Michael!)  – they were inspired by the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland ( my kinda couple!).  Very Jungle!  Was looking behind my back for the Rhino.  I brought along my studio calumet light with the battery pack which added a cool light in contrast to the warm glow of the fire.

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