Wedding at the Beverly Hills Hotel


Congrats to Lauren & Stuart, who got hitched in 90210 land.  They had an old hollywood theme 40’s film noir for the reception, and really awesome 8×10 black and whte glossys of Hollywoods elite movie stars on the tables which were filled with white flower centerpeices, and the party unfolded in the sunset ballroom of the berverly hills hotel.

 This couple truly compliments each other, they were side by side the entire reception.

 beverly_hills_hotel_wedding_nicole_caldwell_03.jpgbeverly_hills_hotel_wedding_nicole_caldwell_04.jpgbeverly_hills_hotel_wedding_nicole_caldwell_021.jpgbeverly_hills_hotel_wedding_nicole_caldwell_05.jpgbeverly_hills_hotel_wedding_nicole_caldwell_06.jpgbeverly_hills_hotel_wedding_nicole_caldwell_10.jpgTo me this image really captured thier theme of a 40’s film noir.


Lauren was Bare foot for this shot (Love her spirit!), you can see Stuart holding her shoes in his right hand along with her boquet- what a good hubby! And check out that lens flare!!!!


This is a shot of the church- could not ask for a more dramatic sky.


I love this shot of Stuart right before the ceremony, the way the light just accentuates the edge of his profile. 


One of my all time favorite shots of the bride walking down the isle- truly dramatic. 


-right after the ceremony in the limo on the way back to the hotel- love the straw in the champagne glass! 


The above shot is of the first dance, using the fish eye lens.

Thank you again Mr. and Mrs. K- for a truly remarkable event.

 Thank you to Mary Sushinski  of Occasions for her experptise and a exceptional co-ordination.

all images copyright 2007 Nicole Caldwell

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