Nicole Caldwell

Intimate Wedding in Newport Coast

Congrats to Shervin and Aida!  They got hitched at the courthouse and wanted the photos to prove it!  We shot on location at her mother’s home.  I first met Aida when I photographed her brother’s wedding 4 years ago. Not only is Aida beautiful, she has the brains too,  as she runs her own thriving Dental Practice.


I shot this image with my Lensbabies, the blur was captured in camera, I love the way the light illuminates the left side of her body and beautiful curly hair.


Lensflare is an amazing effect, ‘breaking the rules” and shootdirectly into the sun, it creates such a warm romantic feeling.


look how the light just illuminates part of her face and the flowers in her hair, then falls to the blackest of blacks, and you see just a hint of the relfection of her dress in the window.


I love the mood of the above image, cropping in close really reveals the love and intimacy these two feel for each other.


This image was captured using the ambient light and my 85mm at 1.2.


This was the fimal image of the day, her shoes were off, so I asked them to run towards me, I love how Shervin is looking at her, she is winning the race!

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