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laguna_beach_engagemnet_pictures_nic9le_caldwell_studio_01.jpg***All images copyright Nicole Caldwell 2007

Meet Hong and Dai!  I met Hong through Carli, who’s wedding I photographed at the Bowers Museum in June.  Hong is in the hair industry as well, as you tell by her awesome style!laguna_beach_engagemnet_pictures_nic9le_caldwell_studio_08.jpglaguna_beach_engagemnet_pictures_nic9le_caldwell_studio_02.jpg

I look for “man” things in nature laguna_beach_engagemnet_pictures_nic9le_caldwell_studio_03.jpg I love the smooth texture of her satin dress.

We were nearing the end of the shoot in the Canyon and Hong pointed out how she liked this tree, so I made her sit under it.


We ended up back at the studio on my cool custom infinity wall.  They had traditional attire, so we composed an nontraditional photo style.


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