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Congrats to Sasha and Craig who had their destination wedding up in Lake Tahoe!  The put us up in the coolest hotel CalNeva, on the border of Ca and Nevada- and I hit the nickel slots!



Sasha, the beautiful bride


Sasha and the ladies.

wedding_photography_lake_tahoe_nicole_caldwell_14.jpgwedding_photography_lake_tahoe_nicole_caldwell_13.jpgWe were on our way back to the elevator in the hotel after taking shots with the girls, and I spotted this cool dramatic light from above, and Sasha struck this pose like a true pro!

wedding_photography_lake_tahoe_nicole_caldwell_12.jpgThe Groom, this location was just steps away from the beach were the ceremony took place, lucky me with this cool location!

wedding_photography_lake_tahoe_nicole_caldwell_11.jpgwedding_photography_lake_tahoe_nicole_caldwell_10.jpgSasha was accompanied by her mother down the isle,  I love the way the sun just illuminates their faces, and highlights that warm smile that Sasha wore!wedding_photography_lake_tahoe_nicole_caldwell_09.jpgFish eye view of the ceremony


Right after the ceremony, I love the smiles captured in this candid image, and Craig getting used to the ring on his hand!wedding_photography_lake_tahoe_nicole_caldwell_07.jpg


wedding_photography_lake_tahoe_nicole_caldwell_01.jpg How awesome is Sasha?! I had my own place card and was a seated guest! wedding_photography_lake_tahoe_nicole_caldwell_02.jpg

View from the reception venue.



Te reception venue, Gar Woods, had such a warm glow, as captured in this image of the first dance.  I love the way their foreheads are touching softly together, and the guests in the background watch this touching moment unfold.wedding_photography_lake_tahoe_nicole_caldwell_17.jpg During the bridal party dance, the group spontaneously joined hands and surrounded the couple.

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