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Wedding at Castle Green in Pasadena


Congrats to Lauren and Matt who tied the knot in Pasadena- I believe the outside temp was 109 degrees!

I first met Lauren & Matt when I photographed her brothers wedding in 03.

wedding_castle_green_photo_by_nicole_caldwell_04.jpgWe went outside for some street photography- this couple was awesome- they braved the heat! I love the walk symbol above Matt’s head!

wedding_castle_green_photo_by_nicole_caldwell_01.jpgThis Twirl was in the crosswalk at the intersection on Green and Raymond!


Run- the light changed!!!!


First Dance, I love the look of the ambient light in a first dance- really enhanced the mood.wedding_castle_green_photo_by_nicole_caldwell_02.jpgBest Cake picture EVER!!! I knew this was a blogger!


Lauren’s dramatic entrance at the ceremony

wedding_castle_green_photo_by_nicole_caldwell_08.jpgThis moment happened right after Lauren’s Father handed her to Matt, and Matt leaned over and whispered something in her ear.


The Crazy wedding party- you should have seen them at the bar!

wedding_castle_green_photo_by_nicole_caldwell_06.jpgwedding_castle_green_photo_by_nicole_caldwell_15.jpgThis shot was-taken outside the bridal dressing room, when Lauren first got into her wedding gown.wedding_castle_green_photo_by_nicole_caldwell_10.jpgwedding_castle_green_photo_by_nicole_caldwell_09.jpgThe picture in the background went great with the colors of the dresses and the flowers!  And the chandelier above added that perfect golden tone.wedding_castle_green_photo_by_nicole_caldwell_13.jpg

Boys being boys.

Thanks for an awesome time you two!

 All images copyright 2007 Nicole Caldwell Photography

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