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Renee and Jeff Laguna Beach Wedding Reception

wedding_photography_laguna_beach_by_nicole_caldwell_photo_13.jpgCongrats to Renee and Jeff, who got hitched in Northern CA.  They had an intimate ceremony on the beach , along with 1 couple as their witnesses!  Then in early Fall, they had their private reception in Laguna Beach at Partners Bistro- Amazing food and hospitality.  We met at the Lifeguard tower and took some shots on the beach and downtown.

All images copyright 2007 Nicole Caldwell.


The Dip!

wedding_photography_laguna_beach_by_nicole_caldwell_photo_07.jpgwedding_photography_laguna_beach_by_nicole_caldwell_photo_06.jpgI Love this shot, Renee with bare-feet , holding her shoes in her right hand, what I love most is their feet are INSYNC.wedding_photography_laguna_beach_by_nicole_caldwell_photo_05.jpgwedding_photography_laguna_beach_by_nicole_caldwell_photo_04.jpg


How awesome was the desert???? Hot fudge sundaes- you bet I had one!


My assistant, Kristin, got this awesome shot of guests toasting the couple.


There was an amazing Jazz band, the couple broke into a spontaneous first dance, I ran outside the restaurant to get a shot of them through the window.  The candle you see was to honor those who had past.


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