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Surf and Sand Resort Weddings Tiffany and Sam


Congrats to Tiffany and Sam!  They tied the knot at the Surf and sand Resort in Laguna Beach! The image above is my favorite of the day, right after the ceremony, the guests blew bubbles as the couple walked down the isle as husband and wife.






Sam getting ready- I love the image of the football game on the TV.



I captured this image right before Tiffany and her Dad were to walk down the isle, I like the contrast of the light running down the image, adds to the drama of their entrance.

surf_and_sand_wedding_pictures__aguna_beach_ny_nicole_caldwell_ts_19.jpgThis emotional shot  of Sam hugging Tiffany’s Father right before he gave his daughter away is what it is all about.


Fish eye view from the terrace



The bubbles are in focus in the foreground, while the bride and groom are de-focused- great job Kristin (my kick butt assistant!)


This image was captured right after the ceremony, while the guests were whisked away to cocktail hour.

Tiffany could not wait to get out of her shoes!!!surf_and_sand_wedding_pictures__aguna_beach_ny_nicole_caldwell_ts_23.jpgsurf_and_sand_wedding_pictures__aguna_beach_ny_nicole_caldwell_ts_04.jpg

This is great, the bride is barefoot, and the shadows fall into the base of the shot.



Someone had built the sandcastle in the background, so we had to use is as a photo prop!

surf_and_sand_wedding_pictures__aguna_beach_ny_nicole_caldwell_ts_14.jpg Great candid image.surf_and_sand_wedding_pictures__aguna_beach_ny_nicole_caldwell_ts_11.jpg

during the speeches,  reactions of the bride and groom are priceless.


First dance, I love the way the groom is holding his bride.surf_and_sand_wedding_pictures__aguna_beach_ny_nicole_caldwell_ts_13.jpg

A special thank you goes out to my Bride Tiffany, I was so honored to photograph her wedding, when she first contacted me, I was already booked, so she changed her date!!!!!  How flattered am I?!


  1. Emily

    Perfect bride, perfect groom & the perfect photographer! I needed a tissue.
    Thank you, Nicole for the stunning work!
    The Bride’s Sister,

  2. Cynthia

    It is easy to see why Tiff and Sam changed their wedding day to accommodate Nicole. She is the consummate photographer. Professional at all times, efficient and original. Viewing these pictures evokes all the tender emotions the day our daughter became Sam’s wife.

  3. Steve

    As the bride’s father, these photos are the most important part of the wedding because they spark such incredible memories and the tender emotions that accompany them. Nicole will always be remembered as the perfect choice.
    Tiff and Sam we love you!

  4. Katherine...Sam and Tif's friend.

    Thank you for the pictures. They reminded me of the beautiful day we all had on Oct. 3rd. It was the perfect wedding day captured for Sam and Tiffany. Thank you for your outstanding images.

  5. Nancy Jones

    I’m Tiffany’s aunt and I wasn’t able to be at the wedding, but through your beautiful pictures I can experience the joy and beauty of that special day! Thank you! Your wonderful images made me cry!

    Nancy Jones

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