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Marbella County Club Weddings Photography by Nicole Caldwell


Congrats to Genie and Manny who tied the knot in San Juan Capistrano at the Mission with reception following at the Marbella Country Club in San Juan Capistrano!marbella_country_club_weddings_by_nicole_caldwell_13.jpgmarbella_country_club_weddings_by_nicole_caldwell_15.jpgmarbella_country_club_weddings_by_nicole_caldwell_16.jpgmarbella_country_club_weddings_by_nicole_caldwell_17.jpgmarbella_country_club_weddings_by_nicole_caldwell_12.jpgmarbella_country_club_weddings_by_nicole_caldwell_02.jpgmarbella_country_club_weddings_by_nicole_caldwell_01.jpgmarbella_country_club_weddings_by_nicole_caldwell_04.jpgmarbella_country_club_weddings_by_nicole_caldwell_19.jpg

I love this portrait of Manny with his Father.


This shot of Manny waiting for his bride at the alter is

one of my favorites, the way the light filtered through

the window lighting the side of his body was amazing!marbella_country_club_weddings_by_nicole_caldwell_05.jpgmarbella_country_club_weddings_by_nicole_caldwell_06.jpg 

This shot was at the back of the church, just before

Genie’s father walked her down the isle, the kiss her

father gave her on the forehead was so touching.


You can really see the resemblance between father and daughter in this shot above.marbella_country_club_weddings_by_nicole_caldwell_08.jpg

“Were Married!”marbella_country_club_weddings_by_nicole_caldwell_11.jpg

Kristin got this great shot above.


I love the candid shots of the bridal party.


This was shot with the veil over me!


This couple was so much fun, they had a race to the camera! 

Genie wins, she ran in 2 inch heels.marbella_country_club_weddings_by_nicole_caldwell_20.jpgmarbella_country_club_weddings_by_nicole_caldwell_27.jpgmarbella_country_club_weddings_by_nicole_caldwell_10.jpgmarbella_country_club_weddings_by_nicole_caldwell_18.jpgmarbella_country_club_weddings_by_nicole_caldwell_23.jpgmarbella_country_club_weddings_by_nicole_caldwell_09.jpg

A shot of the reception from the bride and grooms point of view.


First Dance

Special Thanks to Genie and Manny for being so much fun,  Lori Oberg, catering manager at Marbella, and my asistants, Kristin and V2 junior.

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