Nicole Caldwell

Photo Shoot Las Vegas Engagement by Nicole Caldwell

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Ken and Simone. Many thanks to this couple as we roamed around Vegas for a few hours and captured some amazing images.  We started the shoot at their hotel room at the Encore- then hoped in a cab to the ” Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, where Ken and Simone channeled their inner shutterbug and took a few shots of some tourists.  After the sign, we headed over to MIX 43 floors above the strip at the Mandalay bay, and quenched pallets with some champagne.  Then off to the Bellagio Fountains, Caesars, then the Flamingo ( a must for Simone, as pink is her favorite color, and what a trooper- the whole shoot in 5 inch heels).  After the shoot I scooted back to my hotel, put my hair in curlers, put on some lip gloss and some 4 inch heels of my own to meet up with them at XS nightclub at the encore, where I stayed with them way past my bed time.

Below is another posting of the video from the nightclub:

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