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Engagement photography by Nicole Caldwell Orange County vintage Orange

The Above shot is my Favorite Taken of Melissa and Oscar who are getting married at the Surf and Sand Resort coordinated by Lora Wesolowski in Laguna Beach This Spring. This shot was taken using all natural light from the huge skylight located in the new studio.

The concept of showing the “set” has always appealed to me.

This is the exterior of the new studio, they call this “photo alley’ because everyday you will spot photog shooting in this space.

This is the park located in the Orange Circle.

The district alot. I am a proud Patron- look for the girl holding the Lemon Drop Martini.

Channeling my inner “Cirque” shooting atop my ladder.

This amazing brick texture located in the studio, I am addicted.


The window to the left is the studio bathroom window.

The Famous Orange Alley.

Above shot taken in the Park at the Circle.

The light was filtering through the trees. I like the way it dramatically accents Melissa’s face.

Another great spot in Historic towne.

I “stopped” down to aperture F 22 to get the “star” sun effect.

Make-up by Crista Lee.

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