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Photo shoot by Nicole Caldwell for Sullen Clothing Catalogue Lengendary Jack Rudy

Sullen Tv featured this documentary of the photo shoot with legendary Tattoo Artist Jack Rudy for their upcoming Print and catalogs.  Good thing I was working as the itch to get inked myself I was likely to scratch.

Below are some of my favorite stills from the shoot.

This is one of my favorite images from the shoot.  I love the “Mug Shot” feel, in front of the female “mug shots” behind Jack.  I shot this with the ringflash as seen in the video.

The Image above was shot in the front of the space, there was a continuous HMI light outside the window, casting the harsh light illuminating the back if Jack, then my strobe to the right, with a 10 degree grid.  I like the contract in the above shot and the one below.  The Image below was taken in jack’s “Den”  where he tattoos all his clients. 

This shot was tricky, I did not want to invade the personal space of the artist as he was working on the design. Pictured below is the finished creation.  Click on the photo for more information on where and how to purchase.

The two artists discussing the collaboration.

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