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Meet the Bride–Vintage Glamour in Laguna Beach 7 degrees wedding photography

Meet the Bride–Vintage Glamour in Laguna Beach

 Mew Paper Arts featured this article in their “Meet The Bride” segment:

You can view the article below as well as this link– Thanks to my bride Jeanie for the mad props!!!!!

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Jeanie and Eric–what a couple!  Rugged rock-star charm meets mega-stylish glamour!  You can just imagine how this California wedding went down at Laguna Beach’s Seven Degrees–a gorgeous art gallery nestled in the canyons. The edgy, modern space was decked out in lace, florals and pearls!  Read on to hear how Jeanie brought her vision to life for her January 17th, 2009 wedding.

*All wedding photos credited to Nicole Caldwell

MPA:  Introduce yourself and your groom–How’d you meet?  How long have you been together?  What do you do for a living?

Jeanie:  Eric and I met over 9 years ago in college.  It’s honestly a little embarrassing to admit this, but we met online on a college website.  We chatted for months before I had the guts to meet him in person when his band was playing a show in the area.  I’m currently the marketing director for Air & Water, Inc. , an online home appliance retailer, and Eric is an account manager.
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MPA:  Was there a theme to your wedding?  What were the major elements of inspiration for designing the event?  Describe some of the décor and the space.

Jeanie:  There wasn’t a specific theme to our wedding, but I knew I wanted something edgy, artsy, vintage, modern, yet romantic.  Being that we live right by the beach, there are many beautiful places to get married, but I wanted something different.  After seeing Seven Degrees in person, I knew it would be exactly where we would get married.  The venue advertises itself as a media lab where artists and the public can gather together to explore the arts in different types of media, and that’s definitely what it was.  Seeing as Eric and I are both musicians and writers, this venue worked out perfectly for us.
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 Most of the wedding services Seven Degrees provided were done “in-house,” and I knew they would be able to bring my vision to life.  When I met with the wedding coordinators for the first time, they totally understood my aesthetics.  I love clean lines, pearls, lace, big floral arrangements, and things like that, and they totally delivered.  I was married in front of a bamboo terrace complete with waterfalls and a zen garden.  After the ceremony, guests were brought into the reception room where they saw a slideshow of our engagement photos.  In terms of decor, there were giant trees draped with faux pearls, gardenias, and calla lilies adorning each table.  We also had an awesome ice luge with our monogram engraved on the front as well as a gobo spotlight of our monogram on the gallery’s driveway and the dance floor (thanks to Alissa for the design).

MPA:  What was the most memorable moment of your wedding day and what made it so?

Jeanie:  The entire wedding was memorable, but I think we really enjoyed the speeches and toasts made by my maid of honor and best man.  At that moment, it totally hit us that we were really married and celebrating the event with our relatives and close friends.

MPA:  Got a favorite vendor—and no, it doesn’t have to be Mew!  If you loved your cake, or your photographer, or your minister tell us why!

Jeanie:  I’d have to thank Mew Paper Arts for doing such an awesome job on my custom save the dates, invitations, and wedding stationery.  I was so glad that Alissa was able to understand my style and come up with something that was totally “me.”
Another vendor I have to recommend is Nicole Caldwell , my photographer.  She was AMAZING!  She took both our engagement and wedding photos and they came out better than I could ever have hoped for.  Her style is definitely very artistic and I liked how most of her shots just seemed to capture the moment.  I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone in the Southern California area looking for a great photographer.
Lastly, Seven Degrees was wonderful.  They truly are an “all-in-one” wedding venue that can create anything you can think of — seriously!

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MPA:  Got any advice to new brides-to-be?  Any tips on a fabulous place to get wedding shoes?  An amazing harpist for the ceremony?  Shortcut to getting all the bows on the favor bags tied in time?

Jeanie:  My advice is to BUDGET and get all the big stuff like the venue, band, caterer, etc., figured out way in advance.  That leaves you with more time to take care of all the little details during the last leg of planning.  Also, shop around for wedding supplies.  Etsy was such a great resource — I bought my hairpieces, stationery, gifts, and so much more through the site.  I saved money and it’s also a great feeling to be able to support independent artists!

 Thanks Jeanie and Eric for sharing an inside look at your wedding day!



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