Nicole Caldwell

Crystal Cove and Wildflower engagement session

Nicole and Matt- what a fun couple.  Nicole is a fellow photog, the colors for her wedding rock :black white and yellow- reminds me of my time at the Viceroy in Palm Springs.  She sent me a link to her wedding website, and when i read what she wrote about our shoot, it really reminded me of how lucky I am:

April 30th- Nicole Caldwell
Matt and I had our first photo shoot ever with the talented Nicole Caldwell.  We met up with her at 6:30 on April 30th.  It was probably the windiest and chilliest day we could’ve chosen, but as the sun went down the weather became perfect for us! I always tease Matt about the fact that he chose a woman obsessed with photography.  Matt hates having his picture taken, but he has come to accept that he is going to marry a former art major whose emphasis in school was color photography.  I spent hours looking for the right photographer for us and I couldn’t be happier.  Besides having the coolest name around, Nicole made us feel beyond comfortable.  I am normally behind the camera and I actually don’t enjoy the vulnerability that comes from being “exposed” through film.  That’s why I take the shots!  However, Nicole made us feel very at ease and Matt and I left feeling like we had just gone through a very deep bonding experience that was simply magical.

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