Nicole Caldwell


Anda and Ariel were married at the beautiful Cypress Sea Cove in Malibu with excellent coordination by Maryam of  delicate details, We started off with getting ready shots at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica, I fell in love with the white Puranas on the wall.  The day was full of fun with Orange accents, including Old Navy Orange flip flops for the walk down to the beach.  The night then was filled with music,  a sundae bar, a pinata soccer ball, and of course the photo booth!  All images copyright Nicole Caldwell 2010.

The family shared a toast before the trip to Malibu, I like it, starting the celebration early.

Pop Violinist, Josh Vietti

I love this shot of Ariel changing into his Orange Converse, with Andra to the left, you can just see a hint of her bouquet.

Anda’s cousin performed Somebody by best band ever, Depeche Mode!

Anda and Ariel passed out fun masks and hats to their guests, a great carnival feeling!

The Pinata for Argentina,  they had losy earlier in the day  in the battle for the world cup, so the couple took their anger out!

I illuminated the house with my ringflash on the radio slave,  you can see a hint of where the photo booth was.

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