Nicole Caldwell

Giving a Bridal Shower, Cathy Thomas features article on Monah Shaw photos by Nicole Caldwell

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How do you give an elegant-but-easy Bridal Shower?

No problem. The bride, Mona Shah, has loads of pals who happen to be chefs. Along with me, the co-hosts were some of OC’s most talented culinarians: Cathy Pavlos (Lucca, Irvine), Delia Snyder (Don the Beachcomber, Huntington Beach), Deb Schneider (Sol, Newport Beach) and Phyllis Ann Marshall (FoodPower, Newport Beach).

The co-host chefs brought dishes to my house. I made some, too.

You know it’s a party when Mr. Wonderful ties balloons to the Boxster.

And Bonnie greets the guests at the gate.

I made two chocolate candy-box cakes a day in advance.

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