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NO Jeans. An LA Stylist’s insight on What to Wear for your Engagement Session


Q & A with Stylist Adrienne Gonzales 
Q. What would you say to couples who are wondering what to wear for their engagement photos?
A: You only get married once.  So these photos will stay with you for a very long time.  I don’t think couples should wear jeans.  I understand if you want a casual look, but you have 364 days to wear jeans.  Dress nice, I promise you in 25 years when you look back at these photos you will be happy you put a dress and trousers on.  This is the one time in your lives you can kick it up a notch— don’t look like you do every day hanging out with your friends.

Q: What was your style vision for the featured photo shoot between Jackie and Thad? 

A: Jackie and Thad met with Nicole (photographer) and discussed how the two met at a black tie charity function, and wanted to photograph taking a spin off that.  So I knew right away I was going to style her on the “glam” side.  I knew I wanted to push the limit a bit. Jackie is happy in jeans and a t shirt so putting her in a outfits she might not typically wear was going to be fun and exciting.  She is classic and low key, so I kept her with minimal jewelry and let the clothes be classic and fun with a tad of “high glam”. With Thad keeping him in his classic suits was perfect.  He is lively and using color in both his shirts and ties was the only way to go.


Q: Something you would like to tell every couple?
A: You need to be comfortable… Whether it be in the clothing you chose, the shoes and especially with the photographer.  If you like the person taking the photos you will be more relaxed and the photos will look 10x better if you are uncomfortable with the person behind the camera.  No amount of outfit changes or shoe changes will solve that.

Hair By Francisco Estrada

Adrienne has been part of the fashion world in both New York and Los Angeles for over 10 working alongside 2 of Hollywood’s top celebrity stylists as well as ad campaigns and commercials for Diet Pepsi, Cover Girl, Neutrogena and Kmart.

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