A Black and White Affair | Studio Engagement Photography

A Black and White Affair | Studio Engagement Photography | Nicole Caldwell

Thank you to my couple, for coming along a fun film journey with me.  The first image was shot on the 8 x 10 impossible project film, and the second, on the now extinct Polaroid type 55.

engagement impossible project 8 x 10 film nicole caldwell

poalroid type 55 by nicole caldwell

studio-engagement-photography-black-and-white-nicole-calwell-orange-county-photographer-04studio-engagement-photography-black-and-white-nicole-calwell-orange-county-photographer-01 studio-engagement-photography-black-and-white-nicole-calwell-orange-county-photographer-02 studio-engagement-photography-black-and-white-nicole-calwell-orange-county-photographer-03  studio-engagement-photography-black-and-white-nicole-calwell-orange-county-photographer-05 studio-engagement-photography-black-and-white-nicole-calwell-orange-county-photographer-06 studio-engagement-photography-black-and-white-nicole-calwell-orange-county-photographer-07 studio-engagement-photography-black-and-white-nicole-calwell-orange-county-photographer-08 studio-engagement-photography-black-and-white-nicole-calwell-orange-county-photographer-09

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