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Rio Grande Mud Bath- Albuquerque

albuquerque_family_photographer_nicole_caldwell_47Family photos at The Rio Grande The Rio Grande bosque spanish for “forest” offers a unique environment in arid Albuquerque. Large cottonwood trees, coyote willow, and New Mexico olive create a cool, shady forest and provide habitat for beaver, numerous bird species, turtles, and snakes.




I can tell by the look on Jen’s face, she will not be having me back for family photos.  Don’t get me wrong, we took some traditional everyone’s hair brushed, clean clothes photos, but I wasn’t winning over the boys, and since I know very little about Mindcraft, I needed to connect with them somehow- so warpaint by the river it was.  Full disclosure- the parent’s were on board for this shoot- well, that was until I told the boys to hug mom and Dad, after they were muddy.  I have known this couple for 12 years now after photographing their wedding, and I just adore them.




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Art Gallery Wedding | Rooftop Reception

Art Gallery Wedding | Rooftop Reception

“Kenny and I have been going through all of the pictures and they are so amazing! They are just all so so good! I knew I would love them, Thank you for capturing all of our wonderful memories and for catching the stuff we missed. You are THE BEST!! “- Alyssa

Located in the historic Mission Inn district of downtown Riverside, the 1929 Riverside Art Museum building was designed by Hearst Castle architect Julia Morgan.

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Adventures at comic con

Space Trucker. May the Schwartz be With You.

Orange County Maternity Photography Studio

Orange County Maternity Photography Studio

Classic maternity photographs set in a photo studio- my favorite.  Towards the end of the shoot,  GiGi ( never to be called Grandma) brought Little brother to be Cruz for some fun Mom and son photos. Lace Gown by Sew Trendy