Nicole Caldwell

INside the Darkroom- Printing photos on glass


Model in studio,  photographed with Hasselblad. Tattoo work by Carlos Torres.

This process in a pain in the ass- is it worth it?  You bet. 23 carat gold worth it. Continuing education in this profession of photography led by the master Michael Weitzman.


You need to cut the glass, prep it, coat it with emulsion, expose it, develop it, dry it, then the Gold comes in.


emulsion on glass




4×5 new 55 negative on glass test strip.

Can’t wait to do more- Want an original photographic image on Gold-? You know to were to find me.




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Making of a film Print

Making of a film Print

Peyton’s bridal portrait, photographed in 4×5 film in the studio. The Negatives My perfect workspace- no heart foam lattes or macbook pro Darkroom developing trays The print! More 4×5 film images Husband came to support and also drink Rose’. Thanks you two, for supporting the art of film and print. “Print your f$%^ing work… otherwise it’s just a fleeting glimpse on the insta carousel… and what’s the point of that…” #printyourwork – Craig Flemming

Ode to the 70’s photographed on 35mm film

Ode to the 70’s photographed on 35mm film

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To The Moon

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