Nicole Caldwell Photo

Carondelet Wedding

carondelet house wedding photo spotscarandelet-house-bridal-room-by-nicole-caldwell


Adjacent to the Carandolet House is a parking structure that overlooks the city, providing the iconic LA Downtown buildings as a backdrop, graffiti and beautiful warm winter light.

We set up the 8 x 10 calumet c1 and took an 8 x 10 film image.0454

Here is the 8 x 10 polaroid result.


carondelet_house_weddings_artistic_editorial_photography_by_nicole_caldwell_32 I love love love this photograph. The sun star, the orange cone, the trash can with graffiti, and the hand painted “elavador” sign.  The camera was set for a sun star, and this was captured in the moment under no direction.  The bride Elizabeth pushing the elevador (Portuguese) button to get back to the venue for the ceremony.  It’s the shots in between the shots that are the magic.


We had remote on or camera mounted to a light stand, for a tall point of view of the bride walking down the aisle with a slow shutter to achieve the motion in this image.



For the first look, I like to have the groom walk to his bride, as in the ceremony, that role is reversed.  You get true emotion this way, without having him standing in front of a large group, seeing you from a very far distance,  and there are no distractions, you get his true reaction.

Not seeing each other before the wedding is an over rated tradition, that should be replaced with the first look.