Nicole Caldwell

Orange Street Fair | 36 film exposures in 36 minutes, well 54 minutes to be exact

Ok.  I am getting the new fine art website editorial section, and came across my Street Fair Photos.  The photo assignment I gave myself was to expose 36 film shots in 36 minutes, I ended up a bit over.    For those of you who have never experienced the street fair, it is a trifecta: Fried food, beer and body odors. I’ll see you for 36 minutes this labor day weekend.

street_fair_film_photographer_nicole_caldwell01 (2)

street_fair_film_photographer_nicole_caldwell02 (2)

street_fair_film_photographer_nicole_caldwell03 (2)

street_fair_film_photographer_nicole_caldwell04 (2)

street_fair_film_photographer_nicole_caldwell05 (2)

street_fair_film_photographer_nicole_caldwell06 (2)

street_fair_film_photographer_nicole_caldwell07 (2)

street_fair_film_photographer_nicole_caldwell08 (2)

street_fair_film_photographer_nicole_caldwell09 (2)

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