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Film Overload: Type 55, Impossible 8 x 10, and let’s throw in some Fuji Acros

I met Todd, the Owner of Shutter Plus Light Camera store where I acquired my 250 Land Camera. He shoots tintypes in his studio as well as stocks impossible film (polaroid) and a variety of vintage cameras.  View more of my film work on the commercial site

Here are a couple shots of Todd with a few of his cameras.  Photographed with the Calumet C1 8×10 camera on Impossible silver shade film.

8x10 polaroid impossible projcet by nicole caldwell shutter plus light (2)shutter plus light portrait 8x10 polaoid impossible project by Nicole Caldwell (2)

The image below was shot on the calumet c1 with the 4×5 reducing back.  With extinct type 55 Polaroid film.  Looking forward to the New 55!

black-and-white-film-shoots-nicole-caldwell-studio2171 (2)

and some 35mm!  My first time using Fuji Acros, beautiful.  Contact sheet, love the curl of the fiber. (2)


black-and-white-film-shoots-nicole-caldwell-studio2172 (2)


Tintypes of me and my Calumet C1.  Tried my best to channel Ms. Sherman.

shutter plus light tin type