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Rockland Halo-Chrome Toner

Recently experimented with Rockland Halochrome toner on Ilford Multigrade ART 300 paper.  Inspired by my recent tintype experiments, I was excited about the brushed metal look.

According to the description: Halo-Chrome is Rockland’s unique toner that transforms black and white prints into pure metallic silver by fusing together the colloidal silver grains that make a black and white print into gleaming solid silver. Halo-Chrome toner can be used with all RC and fiber-base papers. On glossy papers, it gives a mirror-finish, and on matte papers a brushed-silver finish.

There are 2 parts.  First you bleach the print, then mix the toner with the activator.  The activator is ammonia.  You cannot use sudsy ammonia, must be at least 10%, janitorial straight.  The only place I was able to find it was Ace hardware.

YOU MUST WEAR GOGGLES.  I made this mistake, I had a mask, but did not protect my eyes, and had a nice haze indoors for several hours.  You can read more in depth about the process at alternative photography.

Images photography at Nicole Caldwell Studio on the 4×5 camera sinar p2.


original image


toned image


detailsRockland-Halo-Chrome-finer-based-paper003 Rockland-Halo-Chrome-finer-based-paper004 Rockland-Halo-Chrome-finer-based-paper005

original image


toned image




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