Nicole Caldwell Photo

Cinestill Film | Bridal photo studio shoot

Q: What is different about the new CineStill 50Daylight film?
A: 50Daylight is a ISO 50/18° speed daylight balanced (5500K) motion picture emulsion, prepped and rolled for clean safe C-41 standard development as an ISO 50 film. Boasted to be the world’s finest grain film! It is ideal for shooting in bright light at wide apertures and for producing high resolution, low grain images. The exposure latitude of this film is beyond anything digital and even most other films can hope to achieve.cinestill_film_bridal_nicole_caldwell_13cinestill_film_bridal_nicole_caldwell_05cinestill_film_bridal_nicole_caldwell_15cinestill_film_bridal_nicole_caldwell_02cinestill_film_bridal_nicole_caldwell_09cinestill_film_bridal_nicole_caldwell_19cinestill_film_bridal_nicole_caldwell_07