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Large Format Film | From the smallest film company in the world!

Experimental film Washi produces 8 x 10 film,  The smallest film company in the world!  The #bridalportrait was quite a process, had to convert my Bathroom to a make shift darkroom for the day.  Thanks to my bride Robynn, for holding still long enough for me to focus the 8 x 10 camera sinar p2. With an iso of 12 in shade 25 in sunlight, um yeah ok.

washi film 8 x 10 nicole caldwell artist

the negative:


The paper gives a unique texture



makeshift darkroom

my nice mobile with the 8 x 10 drying


light leak, grrrr.


Since it was a large format day, had to get a color 8 x 10 polaroid too.  Of the bride in her cowboy boots.




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Miss Independent

Miss Independent

“Don’t you want to be in the family photos” “No thanks, I’m good right here.” #missindependent

13.5 hours married, celebrating in the pacific ocean- sunrise- with a broken foot

13.5 hours married, celebrating in the pacific ocean- sunrise- with a broken foot

me: “How’s Your Ankle?” “Broken, Sprained?!”

Bride: “Oh Yes, i found out today I broke my foot on the dance floor at the reception. Confirmed with X Rays”

me: “You are my hero.”

Bride ” Sacrifices must be made to get the shot!”

They showed up at 6:30 am the next morning, broken foot and all.  Matt carried her piggyback down to the beach, and around the beach, then back up the stairs, to their hotel #marriedlife.

1930’s wedding Vibe | Yost Theater

1930’s wedding Vibe | Yost Theater

From the Designer Libby Martin “The cake and the moon were designed especially for this Shoot. Some of the items are actual pieces from the 20’s and 30’s. The theme is a 1930’s Classic Hollywood Nightclub.  It took place in a 100 year old theater and the shoot was designed around the theater’s details. The couple is actually married and were very excited to have a type of second wedding.” Dragonfly Events OC Coordinator/Planner Libby Martin   Paper Moon Shoppe […]