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Brit marries American! |Seven Degrees Wedding Photographer | Nicole Caldwell

seven_degrees_weddings_laguna_beach_by_nicole_caldwell_studio33Lacy and Wil planned their ceremony and reception at the modern 7 degrees wedding venue located in Laguna Beach.  They were smart and wanted to do a first look, so we could take advantage of all the cool photo backdrops that 7 degrees provides, the bamboo garden, the hallway, and the elevator staircase. The couple chose not to have a bridal party, and for their friends to come and enjoy the event with no obligations.

White draped material adorned the ceremony site, along with all white floral of Calla Lilies and Orchids. A photo booth and a cigar bar added to the fun, along with a candy desert table at the reception.

This is one of my favorite images taken at the end of the night, the groom with a drink in each hand, and the american bride wearing fun British flag party glasses, and that