Nicole Caldwell Photo

Taylor and Tommy’s Wedding Part 1 | Cinestill Motion Picture Film, medium format

Grain is Good. Taylor and Tommy’s wedding at 7 degrees in Laguna Beach. Photographed with the Hasselblad  and Cinestill 120 medium format film.


I saw hearts for Taylor, when I found out the bride’s signature drink was a Dirty Martini. The Groom’s tonic? Manhattan.  Here they are during Cocktail hour with their signature tonics.


Film Really gives a vintage look to this wedding, which is fitting, because the bride wore wearing her mother’s wedding dress. Grain, motion blur, camera blur, light leaks, imperfections, all make it unique and worth it.


The couple chose wisely and has a private moment together for the first look, up in the bamboo garden of Seven Degrees.  Such a zen area, with trees and waterfalls.  This hug from Tommy after seeing his bride for the first time was so sweet, you can’t get moments like this when you see each other for the first time during the ceremony.


Sparkler Farewell – Lady Luck was with us for this medium format film shot. Love the motion in the lat shot when Tommy spontaneously “dipped” his bride.

We had a remote control in one had to trigger another camera on a light stand above the crowd, hence this amazing gif!  Special thanks to photographer Kip Roof.