Nicole Caldwell Photo

FILM 8 x 10 palladium printing gold leaf in the Darkroom

The “rolls royce” of darkroom printing.  Shot on Ilford 8×10 black and white film.  We shot in the photostudio with the 8×10 camera.  Then off to the darkroom to print on both watercolor and vellum with gold leaf.  The gold leaf has a bit of a learning curve, and I am partial to the traditional printing on papaer.

Come into the darkroom and witness the magic happen.

Many steps for this handmade one of a kind heirloom ( and worth it!)

1. Photoshoot in the studio on 8 x 10 camera.

2.Develop negatives

3. mix light sensitive chemicals, & coat papaer ( must be kept out of uv light)

4. place negative over coated papaer, expose for 10 minutes in UV light box

5. Develop photograph in chemicals

7. hang to dry

8, frame & enjoy for life!