Nicole Caldwell Photo

Balloon Fiesta on 35mm film ( plus Tips for your trip)

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO…  Over 2500 photographs over the span of 4 days- still wanting more.

Balloon fiesta over 500 hot air balloons drench the Land of enchantment.

You’re walking up close to the balloons, propane fires tanks warming your skin, giant fireflies dancing in your eyes- pure magic.

Go to Balloon Fiesta.

The first full weekends in October

1.You must leave your house/ hotel no later than 4:00.  Do the park and Ride $25 pays for parking, and entrance. Plus you get to ride a SCHOOL BUS. Get coffee, Brekkie Burrito and wait for Dawn Patrol.

2.Plan for a few days- weather permitting it could be cancelled due to wind etc, and often is.

3.See the Night Glow, Balloons “flicker, and do an All glow.

4. Prepare for food!  Get the fry bread Christmas style ( green and red chili sauce)

5. I will see you there next year ( I’ll be shooting family portraits!)

6. Make reservations early- hotels sell out.