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Inside the Darkroom| FILM WASHI | Boneyard Photo Shoot



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The Neon Museum aka Boneyard, in Las Vegas was the perfect time to experiment with Washi Film.  I first learned of the “Film Washi, world’s smallest film company”  located in France, from my fellow darkroom photog Michael  Weitzman.  After drooling over the 4×5 negative he had shot, and had to get my hands on this exciting new alternative process.  The film comes in 4×5 and 120.

The film has an exciting iso, 12 for shade and 25 for bright sunlight!  Quite the challenge.

Since the film is ortho chromatic, you are able to tray develop under a safe light,  pretty exhilarating to watch the images come to life on the paper!  I developed in Tetenal, although you can use Ilford, but changes the development and asa of the film.  Theer is no stop bath, only water bath before fixing.

Once the film dries, it tends to curl, so cut into strips and grab a couple large books to flatten the negs.  Film Washi recommends : spool negative and backing paper on the spool for 12 hours.

The key to scanning the negs, is to scan as paper or transparency, rather than negatives.

The Boneyard Office is located in the old Concha Motel.

Enjoy some behind the scenes  of the shoot at the boneyard in Las Vegas, shot by Kip Roof.nicole caldwell photo 015

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