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An intimate wedding as the sun rose over Washington DC, the bride and groom spoke their vows, just the two of them, no officiant, because in DC you can self unite ; marry yourselves.  It was just the couple, and me, plus some early morning joggers. So honored and lucky to witness and photograph this intimate wedding of two awesome people.


As the bride got ready, the groom watered the plants.

The bride came out to let the groom know it was time to get ready, as her hair and makeup were near complete.

The couple chose to get ready together, in their home. I wish more couple got ready together- you feel the excitement of the day, less stress, and it ‘s just fun.


Driving to the ceremony


The bride wore flats, and we walked to all the memorials for photographs.bride and groom crossing street washington dc wedding and elopement by nicole caldwellwashington dc wedding and elopement by nicole caldwell washington dc wedding and elopement by nicole caldwell


Celebrating ensued where the couple first met, a bar, named Lyon Hall.  The place had just opened, so we were able to be seated exactly at the same spot where the bride said to the groom as he walked by- “Hey,You’re Cute.”   A bottle of champagne and some fun vintage inspired / paparrazzi flash photography was the perfect way to celebrate.

We can’t thank you enough for coming to shoot our wedding. You helped make our day so special and you provided us with photographic memories that will last a lifetime. We had so much fun around Dc with you!”

Fun snipets from the day- fancy myself a filmmaker.

elopements_in_temecula_mount_churon_winery_weddings_nicole_caldwell_photo_29They are spectacular!!!!! I am so grateful! Thank you very much for the way you treated us and the creativeness you brought to our special ocasión, Carlos and I are grateful for all that you did.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!   – Karla

Karla and Carlos, are from Puerto Rico, love wine, wanted to elope, and decided  Inn at Churon Winery Temecula was the perfect fit for their destination wedding.

Carlos, set of his cell phone on live facebook feed, so friends could watch all the action live, from home.

The staircase leading down to the reception site in grand and sweeps through rows of grapes growing on the vines, truly romantic.  After the ceremony, we were able to freely walk through the vineyard which provided some epic backdrops, and I was able to shoot some images with my infrared camera body, for some amazing lens flare.  The couple rented a red mustang convertible, so I hiked up the side of the hill to get a shot of them speeding to their honeymoon.

Thank you again Karla and Carlos for trusting me to be your wedding photographer. Planning a destination wedding can be so challenging, and I can’t thank you enough for letting me be a part of your special, intimate day.


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Danielle and Matthew’s Neon Museum Boneyard Las Vegas Engagement Session turned Vegas Elopement is printed in the latest Edition of Rock N Roll Bride Magazine. All Imgages Photographed with the Pentax 645 z and Hasselblad




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