Nicole Caldwell Photo

On The Set & The Darkroom



Venture on the set with our wedding clients Alex and Liz, then follow us into the darkroom as we print archival traditional black and white negatives for a final fine art presentation.

Inspired by Old Hollywood, rented some Mole Richardson lighting and photographed with Large Film Camera 4×5 & the new 55 film.

Positive instant prints, and negative scans

wedding-film-photographer-nicole-caldwell-type-55-polaroid-204 new-55-film-positove-nicole-caldwell-533wedding-film-photographer-nicole-caldwell-type-55-polaroid-201 wedding-film-photographer-nicole-caldwell-type-55-polaroid-202 wedding-film-photographer-nicole-caldwell-type-55-polaroid-203 wedding-film-photographer-nicole-caldwell-type-55-polaroid-205

“Thanks@nicolecaldwellphoto for the amazing film. This photo shoot was super awesome, especially with those 📽💡  – Alex