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New 55 film produces both a positive and negative film, developing the negative with a Polaroid film holder

Watch a video of the photo shoot below by Kip Roof Photo Artist.

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Ariadne came to the photography studio for her dance head shots and audition images. We had fun with multiply exposed images, and of course some black and white traditional film images photographed with the Hasselblad.

Traditional Proof sheet with film



Head Shots


I am having fun with cinemagraphs!  Try your own with cliplets.


contact studio below:



Venture on the set with our wedding clients Alex and Liz, then follow us into the darkroom as we print archival traditional black and white negatives for a final fine art presentation.

Inspired by Old Hollywood, rented some Mole Richardson lighting and photographed with Large Film Camera 4×5 & the new 55 film.

Positive instant prints, and negative scans

wedding-film-photographer-nicole-caldwell-type-55-polaroid-204 new-55-film-positove-nicole-caldwell-533wedding-film-photographer-nicole-caldwell-type-55-polaroid-201 wedding-film-photographer-nicole-caldwell-type-55-polaroid-202 wedding-film-photographer-nicole-caldwell-type-55-polaroid-203 wedding-film-photographer-nicole-caldwell-type-55-polaroid-205

“Thanks@nicolecaldwellphoto for the amazing film. This photo shoot was super awesome, especially with those 📽💡  – Alex