Nicole Caldwell Photo

Bowers Museum 10 Year Anniversary Portrait Celebration

So great to reconnect with my couple Carli & Nick, for their 10 year wedding anniversary portrait at the Bowers Museum.


We celebrated with some color implosion adox film grain is good!

Advice from the couple :

Always remember that love and marriage is a commitment through life, so you have to hold on tight!  Your spouse always deserves the best of you, not the leftovers at the end of the day.  Never take each other for granted.  You chose each other for life, so always show each other why you did.

My favorite things about Carli is her beauty, fun spirit and stylish ways.- Nik

I love Nick for his positivity and passion towards everything in life. He brings out the best in everyone!- Carli

They are into all things tiki, including adult beverages the Zombie is nick’s Fave.  So tiki Themed wardrobe was very appropriate. Congrats you two.