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The Center of the World- It’s in California


You too can travel to the Center of the World! It’s about ten minutes outside the Arizona / California border in a town called Felicity, and in that town, is the “Official Center of the World.” ( and it’s cheap only costs $3 donation, or $5 for the tour and certificate!)

A few years back a Frenchman named  Jacques-Andre Istel, bought some land in the desert to retire, he named the town after his wife, Felicia ( whom I was lucky to meet sh’es in the photo too!), and hence the Center of the world was created.


History is caved in Granite, there is a non denominational Church that sits above the town, and a staircase that leads to nowhere. (The stairs are from the Eiffel tower.)

Inside the Pyramid is the exact center of the world, very precise, you must stand in the very center dot.



center of the world felicity ca nicole caldwell fujiflim01center of the world felicity ca nicole caldwell fujiflim02center of the world felicity ca nicole caldwell fujiflim03



I was hoping for a bright sun filled day ( a rarity. usually crossing fingers for those clouds) because I was shooting infrared film.  Still ghost like and unique I am quite happy with the results.



Photos by Kip Roof

Me with the Hasselblad, placing the red filter in the of the world felicity ca nicole caldwell fujiflim09center of the world felicity ca nicole caldwell fujiflim10

You can even live right next door!

center of the world felicity ca nicole caldwell fujiflim08center of the world felicity ca nicole caldwell fujiflim07center of the world felicity ca nicole caldwell fujiflim05

Inside the church.

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