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8×10 Polaroid Tattoo Portrait Behind the scenes at Nicole Caldwell Studio

In the studio with Juliette to photograph her remarkable tattoo back piece by Carlos Torres.  Torres is known for his black and gray style, with this style the best fit was to photograph on black and white film using the large format 8 x 10 camera.


8 x 10 original Polaroid film photographs. The film is integral, and the image is reversed. You can peel apart the film after processing to reverse the image. I prefer to leave the image in the original state, as the chemicals change over time.NICOLE_CALDWELL_POALROID_8X10_CARLOS_TORRES03


Q. How did you come to this design and Choose Carlos Toress to execute?

A. I have known Carlos for over 15 years, and after working with him for over four years, I have learned that anything he creates is amazing. We had a few meetings to design the female and decide on the elements, knowing we wanted a darker theme.

Q. How long did the process take?

A. It took us about 1 year to complete the project, about 60 hours of work.

Q. When Can I get in to see him!?

A. This guy is busy!  I run his books and it still took me three years to get an appointment.



More shots of the process


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