Nicole Caldwell Photo

Happy Campers- In a place called Happy Camp- 70’s inspired family photos vibe with OG RV

Happy_campers_nicole_caldwell_0092_resizehappy_campers_nicole_caldwell_photo_55-ANIMATIONFamily photos at Happy Camp.  This was a great shoot, just letting loose, having fun and – may fave- getting shots in between the shots. Those fun, organic, takes in between poses, smiles etc, were eyes closed and laughter happens, a fun place, after all we were at Happy Camp.


It’s understandable to look at pinterest for ideas / inspiration.  My Advice?  find a photographer whose style you are drawn to, then show up to the set, no expectations, ready to let loose, have fun and trust them.Happy_campers_nicole_caldwell_0069_resize


Tiffany is a HUGE fan of everything 70’s and the macrame in the shot is one she personally made.  Sienna won second place in a hula hoop contest, and that ukulele is hers, she was a bit miffed as it was out of tune, which made for some great captures. Sienna injured her foot, and the boot was a wonderful surprise, and a must to stay on for some shots.Happy_campers_nicole_caldwell_0125_resizeHappy_campers_nicole_caldwell_0135_resizeHappy_campers_nicole_caldwell_0189_resize

Greg was worried about his hair, because after all, he is a model.Happy_campers_nicole_caldwell_0236 (1)_resizeHappy_campers_nicole_caldwell_0260_resizeHappy_campers_nicole_caldwell_0368_resizeHappy_campers_nicole_caldwell_0377_resizeHappy_campers_nicole_caldwell_0385_resizeHappy_campers_nicole_caldwell_0414_resize