Nicole Caldwell Photo

2 buck chuck for toning a print? why not

bidal_portrait_film_photographer_nicole_caldwell19Jenny’s formal bridal portrait photographed in the studio with Ilford xp2 film, and the Hasselblad medium format camera.  Being a big fan of Red Wine (Jenny) , I thought it would be fun to try toning the fiber based print in red wine, and see what we got.  Turns out, her dress now has pink polkadots.

darkroom printing nicole caldwell 01

The negatives

darkroom printing nicole caldwell 02

Test strips for printing the proof sheet

The proof sheet


The toner, 2 buck chuck, Red Blend.

The print. Her dress now has pink polka dots.


darkroom printing nicole caldwell 07

Me in my jumpsuit from Army Navy store in the darkroom.