Making of a film Print

Peyton’s bridal portrait, photographed in 4×5 film in the studio.

4x5_film_photographer_nicole_caldwell_34bridal portraits04

The Negatives


My perfect workspace- no heart foam lattes or macbook pro


Darkroom developing trays


The print!


More 4×5 film images

4x5_film_photographer_nicole_caldwell_31bridal portraits01

4x5_film_photographer_nicole_caldwell_32bridal portraits02

4x5_film_photographer_nicole_caldwell_33bridal portraits03


Husband came to support and also drink Rose’. Thanks you two, for supporting the art of film and print.

“Print your f$%^ing work… otherwise it’s just a fleeting glimpse on the insta carousel… and what’s the point of that…” #printyourwork – Craig Flemming

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