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Route 66 Adventure- Tucumcari to Victorville

TUCUMCARI, NEW MEXICO…That’s right, Route 66 turns a glorious 95 this year, make sure to make that left turn at Albuquerque.  Original plan, take interstate 40 from Dallas to CA (after shooting my corporate gig), but once I entered the land of Enchantment, the urge for kicks set it, And I had to get them.

A wild ride, as parts don’t exist anymore and your drive is cut short, because the road just simply ends.  There are historic Route 66 signs on the highway off of interstate 40 to direct, but then you are on your own adventure!

Tucumcari, New Mexico is a quaint town located on historic route 66.  It comes alive at night with neon sings.

Stayed at the Route 66 motel- for $66! A Midcentury GEM  No in room coffee- but a fridge and walking distance to the towns top restaurant, Del”s.

The Tucumcari Railroad museum, Union Station depot originally built in 1926.

Santa Rosa

Picked up a hitchhiker in Moriarty New Mexico, at country friends just before ABQ. Greeted fellow travelers from the passenger seat.

Twin Arrows is just Before Flagstaff

Stayed in Williams Arizona at  the Canyon Motel RV park.  Cute motel vintage rooms built in the late 50’s- (the drive through route 66 at Flagstaff was filled with forest, and gorgeous.)

The Truth is out there.


Pit stop at the Antares Point Gas station.  Got a “route” 66 root beer, and picked up a map. Postcard of the original which opened in the early 60’s.

Kingman Arizona’s nostalgia is preserved in downtown.  There ‘s an Amtrak station!

Oatman. Tourist hotspot with Sheriff.  There are 191 curves from Kingman to Oatman on Route 66, and burros in the road, max 20 MPH.

Near the border of Arizona and CA.


From Needles, Part of Route 66 was closed to get to Amboy, detour on the 127 from the 40.

Somewhere around Daggat Route 66 ended into a military base.

After Amboy I was cooked, it was a good 10 hours to get there from Williams AZ.

Through downtown Barstow to Victorville, you pass Elmer’s Bottletree ranch.

Thanks for coming on my route 66 adventure.  If you go, let me know and send me a postcard.

Want a postcard from Route 66?