Nicole Caldwell Photo

Meteor Shower- Shooting Stars in the Desert

The Elusive Milky Way.  Twice I have made travel arrangements to photograph the Milky Way under the new moon, only to be halted by clouds ( which I LOVE on portrait days.

moon over my octotillo from Nicole Caldwell on Vimeo.


Today was different, sure there was a half moon hanging in the sky, and not a puff of white in sight. Last chance to photograph the Milky Way before it hibernates for the winter, to reappear in March. Sometimes it appears as an arch, in this case vertical; making a brief appearance, less than an hour total, due south.

Scouted my spot a half hour prior to sunset, and waited.  The desert grew dark, eyes adjusting, and hearing the desert night symphony , a  slight breeze, and nocturnal animals, streaks of light in the sky, the meteor shower of the North Taurid.