Nicole Caldwell Photo

In the Stars, Leica Q2 astrophotography


milky way galaxy behind scorpion sculpture borrego springs astrophotographyAstrophotography. Back to Space.  The call of the desert.  Dark sky, scattered with shiny diamonds. Near complete darkness around you, the noises of creatures emerge, that 12 second exposure feels like an eternity.  get me back to my hotel room -stat. My first time shooting the with Leica q2 50 megapixel powerhouse.


Final chance to see the Milky way 2022 NOv7-14 from6- 7 p.m. before it hibernates for the winter.

This Timelapse is over a 4 hour period, almost 600 images combined.  Go to Borrego Springs, sit under the stars, and gaze.

milky way galaxy behind serpent sculpture borrego springs astrophotography

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To find the sculptures, google maps if your best friend.  Type in Serpent, or scorpion.  Recon during the day- nearly impossible to find at night- so street lights.