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Happy to have the students from Eric Stoner’s LCAD Photography class here in the studio for an 8 x 10  Polaroid (now Impossible film) demo and motion capture shooting workshop. Special Thanks to famous Flamenco Dancer Claudia De La Cruz.

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photography workshops orange county los angeles film impossible projcet nicole caldwell 79

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The photography class from LCAD, came to the studio for a lighting, 8×10 impossible film demo, and the new type 55 trifecta.

impossible project 8 x 10 color filmnicole_caldwell_studio_photography_workshops_impossible_project_21


Final new type 55 film images images printed in the darkroom 16 x 20new-type-55-film-nicole-caldwellnew-type-55-film-silver-print-nicole-caldwell

5G0A0333-ANIMATION8x10 color impossible project film nicole caldwell

new type 55 jackie
4×5 film image of the new type 55, both a positive and negative.The Company’s first planned photographic product, New55 “PN”, is an ecologically sensitive large-format instant film that parallels a Polaroid product (Type 55) that was still profitable when that company wound up its operations in 2008. The prior product was unique, and gave a desired result unlike any other analog or digital image, however its manufacture required expensive processes that employed VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). New55 “PN” addresses that technical and environmental challenge with a redesigned, all-aqueous (water-based) process that eliminates toxic solvents.
new type 55 filmIMG_20151023_221606

8 by 10-inch instant film provides a large image area and high levels of detail. Professional photographers use the format to achieve results not possible on any other type of film.

Our color film formula produces photographs with richness and depth. Colors are well balanced, tones are natural, definition is sharp.” – Impossible Project
impossible project 8 x 10 color film nicole caldwellimpossible project 8 x 10 color film nicole caldwell studio5G0A0297-ANIMATION

Photography Workshops | Orange County Photo Studio Nicole Caldwell

Great beginner class on studio lighting and how to work with your model.  Thanks to all the LCAD students.  The highlight of the day was when a student asked if I knew what Instagram was.

We started the workshop with a single light source, then moved on to additional lights, and ended the session with shooting natural light.

photography-workshops-orange-county-studio-nicole-caldwell-2000 photography-workshops-orange-county-studio-nicole-caldwell-2002 photography-workshops-orange-county-studio-nicole-caldwell-2003 photography-workshops-orange-county-studio-nicole-caldwell-2004 photography-workshops-orange-county-studio-nicole-caldwell-2005 photography-workshops-orange-county-studio-nicole-caldwell-2006 photography-workshops-orange-county-studio-nicole-caldwell-2007 photography-workshops-orange-county-studio-nicole-caldwell-2008 photography-workshops-orange-county-studio-nicole-caldwell-2009 photography-workshops-orange-county-studio-nicole-caldwell-2010 photography-workshops-orange-county-studio-nicole-caldwell-2011 photography-workshops-orange-county-studio-nicole-caldwell-2012 photography-workshops-orange-county-studio-nicole-caldwell-2013 photography-workshops-orange-county-studio-nicole-caldwell-2014 photography-workshops-orange-county-studio-nicole-caldwell-2015 photography-workshops-orange-county-studio-nicole-caldwell-2016