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Film Shoot Trifecta 8 x 10 Impossible Project|4 x5 and | 2 1/4! Expired type 55 Polaroid

Calling all large format photogs, these are the final days to make your pledge for the type 55 kickstarter project

Using the 8 x 10 C1 Calumet beast, and the 4×5 reducing back, luckily the camera moved a bit on the tripod while the 545 holder was placed.

type 55 poaloird positive nicole caldwell

contact print of 4 x 5 polaroid type 55 neg on ilford warmtone fiber paper

polaoird type 55 contact print by nicole caldwell

The impossible project 8 x 10 film

impossible 8 x 10 film nicole caldwell polaroid

Contact sheet shot on the Hasselblad Ilford HP5 film

hasselblad contact sheet nicole caldwell photo




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Life on the Ranch, family photo shoot, with an editorial vibe

“Nicole! Every single image is amazing. I love that you captured us just the way we are. Of all the times we’ve taken pictures as a family these are the ones I will truly cherish forever. You are truly gifted <3"- Talyor No Stress.  Let you hair down, let the kids be kids, dirty faces, feet, clothes.  Be Relaxed.  This photoshoot was with my wedding clients Taylor and Spencer whose weedding I shot in San Francisco, and no catching up three kiddos later.  We shot this on location at their almond farm in North Central California

#PetParents Studio Portraits

#PetParents Studio Portraits

First Time pet parents Lindsay and Kyle came to the studio to celebrate the new member of the family, Emma!  #Petparents It was great, Pet Dad Kyle, showed up with Emma’s dog bed, 5 of her toys, her lease, doggy bags,  and plenty of treats.  

Coto De Caza Real Wedding of Carissa and Brandon

Coto De Caza Real Wedding of Carissa and Brandon

Sparkler Farewell at Codo De Caza Raquet and Golf Club, an outdoor wedding Venue located  in Southern California.The Coto De Caza Golf and Raquet Club is a beautiful outdoor wedding venue in Southern California.