Film Shoot Trifecta 8 x 10 Impossible Project|4 x5 and | 2 1/4! Expired type 55 Polaroid

Calling all large format photogs, these are the final days to make your pledge for the type 55 kickstarter project

Using the 8 x 10 C1 Calumet beast, and the 4×5 reducing back, luckily the camera moved a bit on the tripod while the 545 holder was placed.

type 55 poaloird positive nicole caldwell

contact print of 4 x 5 polaroid type 55 neg on ilford warmtone fiber paper

polaoird type 55 contact print by nicole caldwell

The impossible project 8 x 10 film

impossible 8 x 10 film nicole caldwell polaroid

Contact sheet shot on the Hasselblad Ilford HP5 film

hasselblad contact sheet nicole caldwell photo




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