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In the studio with Angela for her formal bridal portrait, and because she wore two wedding dresses, we photographed her with two different film types:  8 x 10 polaroid and 4×5 black and white.   At her wedding, she wore traditional white, and a traditional, Cheongsam with dragon & phoenix design.

traditional photography studio film bridal portrait nicole caldwell studio new 55 film new 55 film bride traditional photography studio portrait nicole caldwell

New 55 film produces both a positive print, and a negative for scanning and printing.


We then shot 8 x 10 large format with with this camera:


scan0089bridal portrait 8 x 10 polaroid color impossible project film nicole caldwell chinese traditional wedding dress

New 55 film produces both a positive and negative film, developing the negative with a Polaroid film holder

Watch a video of the photo shoot below by Kip Roof Photo Artist.

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photo by Kip Roof

I have always wanted to photograph at the Historic Old Courthouse, and was thrilled when Monica and Peter contacted the studio to photograph their wedding.   This is the film image we shot on 4×5 new 55 film, which produces both a positive and negative. The detail is phenomenal.



The sinar p2 is more of a studio camera, and Kip Roof let me borrow his beautiful 4×5 for this shot ( and he set it up too.)



Congrats to Monica and Peter- excited to post part 2.